About Me

I am a Christian first and a devoted Wife. Married for 41 Years to my Best Friend Luis Antonio Ruiz. friend. I am a true collector of Hats. I own about 70 hats! I have been a photographer for 16 years. North Georgia Technical College is where I earned my certificate for Photography. My love of photography began as a child following my father to his DARK Room. “My dad taught me everything I knew about black & white Photography.  As an adult I starting learning Photoshop trying to replicate photos from my favorite photographer Anne Geddes . First years I started as second shooter for a wedding photographer. We believe you will have a "Wandaful" time.  

 We are  "Creating Wandaful Memories"

Serving Helen and Cleveland, Georgia

Photographer Wanda Perez Ruiz    Studio 706 969-3865

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